We help organizations to be a part of the digital world and leverage the power of internet to save cost, time and productive resources on various grounds. It is our pleasure to introduce to you O’MAG, a versatile and multimedia ready school magazine solution.  It is packed with lots of exciting features to make your digital presence a whole new experience to your users.


Expand Your World Beyond Campus Walls & Let Everyone Join You!

Reach out and connect with students, staff, parents & well-wishers through O’MAG platform and let them share articles, stories, videos, news , advices, recipes ,events or  anything that excites your readers all throughout the year!

Equip children to express their creativity ANDexperience the joy of fulfillment

O’MAG helps talented youngsters showcase their skills in various areas in the form of articles, audios, videos, Images etc. They can share their published content with their friends, relatives or anyone they like and get appreciated & recognized in return.

Magazine screen-shorts


Ease of access

Users can access the magazine on their Mobile / Laptop / Tablet /  Desktop anytime-anywhere.

Cost & Time savings

Less expensive than print edition & No cost for additional copies.
Easy to publish & deliver


Content can be edited/added even after publishing.
Articles for publishing can be received in multiple formats (MS Word, PowerPoint,Text) through emails.

Multimedia Content

O’MAG supports multimedia content like audio, video & graphics.
Provision for advertisements & promotions display. 


No need for physical storage  or transport printed material.
Past issues can be archived & made available to the readers.

Downloadable & Printable

Entire magazine or its specific pages can be downloaded or printed by the users.


Links to access the magazine or a specific content can be shared to anyone through social media, email or mobile.

Green Solution

o‘ mag supports clean earth by promoting paperless solutions


Our magazine will give you feature-rich and dynamic  content.
The design below is to show how it looks like.  The final layout will be as per the original content.

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